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Icosa Wireframe Lamp

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Icosa, the modular lampshade, is a fun, creative way to decorate your living space.
Simply put the triangles together and fix them with the rubber bands.
You can follow our instructions for a striking lampshade or let your imagination run free.
Create a pendant lampshade of a different shape or even use to create a wall partition, wall decoration or wall light. Combine kits to create larger pieces.
A construction kit that is limited only by your imagination.

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1 Box contains:
20 pcs. of triangle units
30 pcs. of rubber bands
1 pc. of cable lock
1. The rubber bands are used to fix the triangle units together, as shown. Follow the sequence below to create your Icosa lampshade.
2. Combine 5 triangle units to make the first layer in the shape of a pentagon. Add 5 more units to make the shape of a star, as shown.
3. Add 5 triangle units between the star points. As you add these, the structure will start to fold inwards to become round in shape.
4. Add 4 more triangle units to close the remaining space. Leave the last unit aside so there will be one 1 side open.
5. Hold the lampshade above the light socket to measure the height where lampshade will hang on the light cable, then using coin to screw the cable lock together to fix the position. Join 1 side of the last triangle unit to create a flap.
6. Hold the lampshade up above the light socket and cable lock, then bind the final 2 sides of the last unit so it rests on the cable lock.


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